Devil’s Orchard, Craters of the Moon National Monument – Near Arco, Idaho

A separate section covering one of their larger nature trails.  It was named by a visiting Preacher who likened the fire and brimstone volcanic cinders to a creation of the Devil.  The trees present were afflicted with Witch’s Broom Mistletoe which caused the ends of the tree branches to develop multiple short branches.  I thought it reminded me more of an unplanned garden.  Unfortunately, someone from the Park Service decided to cure the trees of their affliction and killed both the Mistletoe and the trees.  Living on cinders in the summer heat, the winters bitter cold, and the perpetual wind make for a real challenge.  Limber Pines are long lived so many of those stunted trees are older than our country. Hopefully these vistas let you know what to expect when you visit the Devil’s Orchard.