Craters of the Moon National Monument – Near Arco Idaho

This is a very large National Monument covering about 750,000 acres. Most of it is fragile volcanic terrain. There are some areas that can be reached by high centered four wheel driven vehicles but most visitors can get an understanding of the monument in the well maintained visitor center area at the north end of the monument off US 26. There is an excellent campground of newly remodeled campsites near the visitor center. Most are suitable for smaller RVs and tents but there are a few that will handle the larger land yachts. Hopefully I captured enough of the vistas to make it of enough interest that you include it on your bucket list. It’s also great for night sky photography. The nearest light polluting cities are over the horizon and you get a bit of background illumination but nothing serious. I did include a Harvest Moon shot as it started to clear the shoulder on Big Butte between Arco and Idaho Falls.