Turnouts on US89 – Grand Teton NP

There is quite a bit of road to cover to capture images at all the turnouts.  Finding the best campground to meet your needs is important.  I chose Signal Mountain because of its central location and close proximity to many of the turnouts know for providing great vistas.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for the Snake River Overlook turnout that produced one of Ansel Adam’s famous images of the Tetons and the Snake River.  I found that though I was further away from the mountains when shooting from the Triangle X Ranch and at the Elk Ranch Flats Turnouts that with my longer lens I capture acceptable stitched together panoramic shots.  Of course, you can decide for yourself.  I also used a gradient neutral density filter to overcome the 4-5 f stop difference between the foreground and the sky.  I tried HDR type photos but when stitching together multiple frames HDR wasn’t very feasible. Sometimes the subject escapes during your stay because of the weather.  I finally caught Grand Teton and company in sunlight on the last morning I was there on the way out of the park.  Further north the turnouts were in the clouds but at Teton Point and Glacier Overlook the tops were clear of the clouds.