Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

This is an extremely scenic National Park, especially if you chase grand vistas.  I only captured those that were located near the road and primarily at the turnouts; and not all of the turnouts either.  If you have lots of time and energy there are so many more that can be found on foot.  Even though the forest fires from up north sent smoke to play havoc with the views they did actually add to the drama of the images.  I’ve broken this group into three major sub-groups, those along the two major roads through the park and the Oxbow Bend area.  The fall colors were just coming on and given the right conditions would have been spectacular.  I’m satisfied with what I’ve presented but there will always be others that are dramatic to be added.

There is wild life here but normally seen in the early morning and late evening.  Driving along US 89 I saw squirrels, geese, ducks, jays, elk, antelope, and of course deer.  Others reported seeing moose and a few bear.  If you are looking to photograph wild life you need the correct equipment and patience to capture beautiful images, they are there.

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