Washington Highway 20

This road represents my initial attempt to present images I’ve captured in my wanderings.  Hopefully I’m selecting roads, highways, and bi-ways that also hold an interest for others.  Highway 20 has always been high on my list.  It starts at Discovery Bay just west of Port Townsend and winds about 437 miles eastward to Newport Washington on the Idaho border.  In between these locations you pass through much of Washington’s beauty.  There is much too much to shoot along the way and process for your viewing.  From time to time I’ll up date the gallery from images that I have already stored here or that I’ve captured at later dates.  I’ll of course include beautiful scenery and “Americana Shots”.  There is a lot of character along this road.  One trip cannot due it justice.  The weather and light are constantly changing improving or degrading potential images.  Therefore you need to return when you can to capture more shots.  There is a tag-along gallery with this page but there are also three other pages linked to it of areas that were of prime interest: Deception Pass, Pearrygin Lake, and a quick run down Highway 21 to Kellery Landing where WSDOT operates it’s smallest ferry.