New Additions – Olympic NP Beaches and US 101 near Forks

I’ve completed the images captured at the Olympic National Park beaches and they are included in New Additions.  Lots of grays, browns, greens, and blues available but also I’ve attempted to include warmer colors with the few sunsets I managed to capture.  This has been a real comfortable summer with the marine air conditioning being wonderful.  But, this also includes gray skies and cool temperatures.  You capture what you can get and enjoy the great snoozing weather.

I hope you don’t mind the mega panoramics; I really enjoy taking them.  Most can be printed as 12×36 posters at Costco but a few are even bigger at 12×60.  That is of course the TIFF files that reside on the computer.  The images I upload to the website could make wallpaper but you’d have a tough time waiting for a 300 mega-bite file to download on your computer for viewing.

I don’t have spousal permission to cover all the home walls with my pictures.  Until next time: Ansaldo49