Monthly Archives: June 2016

New Additions – Scenic Roads

I’ve added a new section under the header called Scenic Roads.  It is the initial installment of what should become the main stay of this website as I wander down US Highways.  I’m starting in Washington because it’s close to home.  There are many other excursions planned, the budget and spouse be willing.  This offering looks at the beautiful Evergreen State.  I was fortunate to hit the right time this year.  The pictures should show lots of green and blue skies with fluffy white clouds.

Many of the pictures are panoramic hence viewing them should be done on a wide-screen monitor.  Hopefully there is enough pixels that if you want to download for wall paper you can.

I like to print at Costco.  In the past I’ve tried to eyeball the color, brightness, and contrast.  I’m trying something different this time, using the auto features in Photoshop to get those on.  I may have broken the code.  As soon as the spouse lets me print a few on canvas I’ll know.

I hope there are some to your liking.  Next trip is to the coast.  Ansaldo49

New Additions – Las Vegas Trip May 2016

I’ve included additional pictures taken during a recent visit to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Included are Grand Canyon West, which is not part of the National Park but an attraction maintained on Native American Land.  It is stunning but the National Park should be the primary point of interest.  We also returned to Red Rock Canyon and Hoover dam.  Hopefully the quality of my pictures has improve due to a better camera and increasing experience and knowledge of photography.  I feel compelled to return to Grand Canyon in the future and re-shoot my previous efforts.  I know I can do better.  Ansaldo49