Wandering Photolog will cease on or before 26 December 2017

Due to issues associated with website maintenance, this website will terminate on or before 26 December 2017.  This website was a not for profit and the expense of maintaining it has become prohibitive.  For those using the aviation section, now would be a good time to capture the images you desire.

It’s been fun.  I have enjoyed watching the statistics package tick off the number of daily views.  I hope that you have enjoyed them also.  Ansaldo49

Gray Wet Winters in Seattle

There are quite a few gray wet wintry days in this region, but they don’t have to dissuade one from capturing images.  There are a lot of creative people out and about and if you catch their work they can lead you into some really interesting subjects.  I’m just emulating what they demonstrated.  Have fun. Ansaldo49Colman Dock and Downtown Seattle from Ferry 13x19 Seattle Wheel and Reflection from Waterfront Park 8x10 Pentax No2 Minor's Landing No2 8x10 Seattle Wheel at Minor's Landing 8x10




New Additions – Craters of the Moon National Monument – Near Arco, Idaho

After the Grand Teton, Craters of the Moon are some what of a let-down.  Cinder cones just don’t have the grandeur of those beautiful peaks.  Of course the mountains were built up over a lengthy period but the lava and cinder fields at the Craters happened in the blink of an eye in comparison.  Eruptions started only 15,000 years ago and ended about 2,000 years ago; just yesterday in comparison.  Craters covers about 750,000 acres but that is only a small part of the lava flows that cover the Snake River Basin.  Just think, all that black rock was brought to that area by the same magma dome under Yellowstone!  Ansaldo49

New Additions – Grand Teton National Park

I’ve relocated all previous new additions to their appropriate locations and I’ve uploaded the images I’ve processed on the Grand Tetons.  For me it was a great location for capturing really grand vistas.  In their native size a few of these images are around  200 inches by 24 inches.  So if I were running a gallery I’d enlarge these by at least double to get some really striking wall art.  The actual files are closer to half a gig so there really wouldn’t be any problem in printing these at 48 inches wide.  It’s just the cost.  I hope you enjoy them.  Next spring, red rock in the American Southwest: southeastern Utah.  Ansaldo49

New Additions – Another Road Trip 2016

I’ve been on another road trip primarily along US 26 and areas in close proximity.  I visited Mt Hood, the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Central Oregon, Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park in Western Idaho, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks in Wyoming, and Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho on the way Home.  The trailer and I covered about 3200 miles and captured something over 3000 images.  Many are large stitched together panoramic shots.

I tried Night Sky Photography as covered in a book by Jennifer Wu and James Martin.  Their process works nicely, I just need additional experience.

I ran into and talked with quite a few professional and amateur photographers on the trip and really appreciated their tips and conversation.  Many of them were visiting our country and Canada from Europe and were doing cross-country tours in their own motorhomes shipped over from Europe; some very attractive rigs.

It will take several months to process the images so I intend to initially post them under New Additions as I complete groups and eventually move them to their final locations under the park or national monument they belong.  I also took video because in some locations there was quite a bit of action that seem to warrant taking it.

Hopefully the large panoramic shots will give the impression of standing at the same location from which I shot the image.  Light and weather conditions vary frequently.  You capture what is available when on a schedule.  I think the images should provide a sample of what is visible at these locations.  Cheers, Ansaldo49

Another Note!

I’ve also recently revised the website theme to make it more mobile device friendly.  It works on my ancient smart phone so those of you with the latest and greatest with large screens should do even better.  Ansaldo49

New Additions – Olympic NP Beaches and US 101 near Forks

I’ve completed the images captured at the Olympic National Park beaches and they are included in New Additions.  Lots of grays, browns, greens, and blues available but also I’ve attempted to include warmer colors with the few sunsets I managed to capture.  This has been a real comfortable summer with the marine air conditioning being wonderful.  But, this also includes gray skies and cool temperatures.  You capture what you can get and enjoy the great snoozing weather.

I hope you don’t mind the mega panoramics; I really enjoy taking them.  Most can be printed as 12×36 posters at Costco but a few are even bigger at 12×60.  That is of course the TIFF files that reside on the computer.  The images I upload to the website could make wallpaper but you’d have a tough time waiting for a 300 mega-bite file to download on your computer for viewing.

I don’t have spousal permission to cover all the home walls with my pictures.  Until next time: Ansaldo49

New Additions – Scenic Roads

I’ve added a new section under the header called Scenic Roads.  It is the initial installment of what should become the main stay of this website as I wander down US Highways.  I’m starting in Washington because it’s close to home.  There are many other excursions planned, the budget and spouse be willing.  This offering looks at the beautiful Evergreen State.  I was fortunate to hit the right time this year.  The pictures should show lots of green and blue skies with fluffy white clouds.

Many of the pictures are panoramic hence viewing them should be done on a wide-screen monitor.  Hopefully there is enough pixels that if you want to download for wall paper you can.

I like to print at Costco.  In the past I’ve tried to eyeball the color, brightness, and contrast.  I’m trying something different this time, using the auto features in Photoshop to get those on.  I may have broken the code.  As soon as the spouse lets me print a few on canvas I’ll know.

I hope there are some to your liking.  Next trip is to the coast.  Ansaldo49

New Additions – Las Vegas Trip May 2016

I’ve included additional pictures taken during a recent visit to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Included are Grand Canyon West, which is not part of the National Park but an attraction maintained on Native American Land.  It is stunning but the National Park should be the primary point of interest.  We also returned to Red Rock Canyon and Hoover dam.  Hopefully the quality of my pictures has improve due to a better camera and increasing experience and knowledge of photography.  I feel compelled to return to Grand Canyon in the future and re-shoot my previous efforts.  I know I can do better.  Ansaldo49